Falling In

Publication: Ezeadi, O.C. “Falling In.” U.S. 1 Newspaper – Summer Fiction Issue, 23 Jul. 2014. Print.  Read Online here     “Dying is easy – I do it every day,” grunted Otto, a burly man of expletory shrewdness neighboring my seat in the waiting room of Lincoln City Hospital. I could not recall if a preceding question had been asked …



Publication: Ezeadi, O.C. “Subversion.” Opening Line Literary ‘Zine, 5 Aug. 2013.  Download their August Issue here “You can’t cheat an honest man,” asserted a distant reverberation as a euphoric sensation overwhelmed my dormant sanities. Cognizance greeted me as instinctive fear arrived at the entry of my dazed stream of consciousness. I could feel the oxygen escape the tissues of my …



Publication: Ezeadi, O.C. “Iniquity.” U.S. 1 Newspaper – Summer Fiction Issue, 24 Jul. 2013. Print.  Read Online here I stood paralyzed as I witnessed the life escape the body of my baby daughter.  Elsie, two years of age today, never truly embraced her age.  She instead chose to embody a level of maturity that rivaled those of her own parents.   …

The Escapeedited

The Escape

We approached the gate.  This is it- after ages of deliberating and searching for a way out, we had finally discovered the exit.  As Aidan and I gazed at the grand structure in front of us, I couldn’t help but look back.  To think, that anybody in our situation would possibly even ponder of such an idea was nonsensical.  Yet, …


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